*We have created YesStraws to replace plastic straws which are harming the environment all over the world. *

Today we are all aware of the ugly truth behind disposable plastic items and microplastics. And we, as humans, want to protect our local neighbourhood and the planet. At the same time as consumers, we want to maintain the same level of comfort. The beneficial way out is to move to eco-friendly products which do not damage the environment.

Straws are the solution when you want to substitute harmful single-use plastic straws with a green item. Our straws come from 100% plant-based materials. The straws are made of wheat and cane stems only so they decompose naturally and do not stay at the landfills.

Genuinely eco-friendly as we use raw material from renewable resources. We opt for the recycled package to deliver and it can be recycled again. Moreover, we give our clients lots of cooperation options: be it a wide range of straws or logistics solutions. We are trying to give a usable substitute to plastic straws as our goal is not only to create eco-friendly straws but also to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle.

*Located in an eco-friendly region*

We create a unique product of superb quality. You will enjoy using chic and stylish with all-your favourite drinks. What’s also important: we have invented a special technology to clean and sterilise the stalks to keep the manufacturing process as close to zero waste concept as possible. We are proud to make a handy eco-friendly product with the least harm to the environment.
We have suitable conditions for growing wheat and cane naturally. But there is always a problem of surplus after harvesting. We realised that wheat and cane stems are agricultural by-products and are usually treated as waste in our country. So we decided to change it and prevent wasting of natural resources.

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