The Mifare 1K Contactless Plastic Card – a modern and universal means of user identification. Deemed the most popular card type in the ISO standard. Widely used in RFID applications that require a high level of protection. Data communication occurs when the card is in proximity to a special reader. These cards can be manufactured with a comprehensive range of customisation and design options. With such high-quality RFID cards you can resolve many issues in essentially any sphere of activity.

RFID card specifications

- Dimensions: 86*54 mm. - Thickness: 0.98 mm.
- Material: PVC.
- Corner radius 3.18 mm.
- Lamination: glossy or matte.

Primary MIFARE card usage fields:

- Access control systems;
- Personnel workplace time registration at production facilities and offices;
- Systems of paid access to different sites (amusement parks, showrooms, mountain skiing complexes and so on);
- Various public transport payment systems, localised entry systems for clubs, fitness centres and so on;


RFID wristbands with microchips

Silicone waterproof wristband with a contactless identification microchip. Used to organise access at various events. Most convenient for water parks, spa salons, mountain skiing routes and so on. The wristband combines the proximity technology and a sporty style.

Advantages of silicone wristbands:

- RFID technologies
The microchip in the wristband allows the wearer to perform the necessary transaction with a single movement of the hand.

- Expanded functionality
Silicone RFID wristbands are durable, wearproof and resistant to water, humidity and sunlight. That is why they can be used in environments where a smart card would be uncomfortable to handle: swimming pools, water parks, fitness centres and so on.

-Size options
These silicone wristbands have two universal sizes: one for women/children and one for men. There is no need for individual size selection.

-Free hands
The wristbands ensure that the hands of staff members and clients remain free, with no fumbling to produce and check identification. These wristbands are bright and attractive. A wide colour range and high quality ensure distinctive usage combined with unique look. Your company logo or other crucial information can be printed on the wristband without the risk of it wearing off.

RFID Blocking Protector or RFID Blocking Card

RFID Blocking Protector or RFID Blocking Card – a simple solution that protects your credit and debit cards with personal details from hi-tech data thieves.

This solution does not need a rechargeable or single-use battery and easily fits into any wallet, money clip or mobile phone case with a section for bank cards. Just place this RFID Blocking Card with your credit/debit cards and they will be protected.

Why do we recommend using an RFID signal blocker?
- Defend yourself against data thieves that can copy your private financial details in a matter of seconds.
- Travel with safety and certainty, knowing that you are protected by our RFID signal-blocking devices.

Primary advantages:
- Suitable for any wallet.
- Installed in seconds 100 per cent protection guarantee
- Waterproof
- Protects passports, credit, debit and ATM cards, driving licences and transit cards
Simple, thin design

RFID Blocking Card

Our RFID Blocking Card works by emitting a reverse signal in reaction to a scanner signal, thus blocking data communication attempts and possible information theft. All cards within an approximately 5 cm radius are protected. This card is exactly the size of a standard credit/debit card, which is why it will fit into any wallet. It is only slightly thicker than a usual bank card: 1.3 mm instead of 0.76 mm. The increased thickness is due to the built-in microchip and antenna.

RFID – BLOKING Organizer

RFID signal-blocking organisers for passports, ID cards, credit/debit cards, tickets

Aluminium wallet

Protect your identification details
- The aluminium wallet is covered with a premium protective layer of plastic. It is light but durable.
- You can close and open it with a simple click.
- The rounded corners make it comfortable to keep in a pocket.
- The dimensions are suitable for conventional credit/debit cards and personal ID documents.
- 30 stylish designs to choose from.

Mobile phone signal-blocking bag
How does the RFID mobile phone signal blocker work?
This bag is made of Oxford cloth. It is lined with a double aluminium material layer that blocks the mobile phone signal.

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